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Agency: VCCP Spain
Project: “Towards the surface"

Creative and conceptual development of O2's national outdoor campaign at a time of transition between creative strategies.


O2's creative commitment in Spain was in the midst of an evolutionary change, and like our most remote ancestors, it was going through a moment of abandoning the seas and settling on dry land.

After years of success with its "Fish" campaign, the company had embarked on the process of creating a new protagonist, "Bear".

In the midst of this process they felt the need to launch a national outdoor campaign. But if they no longer wanted to use "fish" as the brand protagonist and "bear" was still in 3D production, what could they show without generating new assets at all?

Following the bubbles to the surface

Bubbles have been O2's main brand asset for many years. They have been omnipresent since the birth of the "02 Breathe" claim, but they have never played a leading role in the company's advertising in Spain.

This moment between campaigns gave us the opportunity to give them the place they deserved and make them the protagonists of the creative transition from the bottom of the sea to dry land. 



Giant use of bubbles. Forcing the out-of-field, always composing with blood. Repositioning to look for the natural direction of the bubbles upwards. Turning the corporate background around to recreate the seabed with darker tones at the bottom and lighter tones on the surface.

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